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10 November 2015



   My last AVON order includes these wonderful colors:

   Titanium, Gold, Cherry Jubilee, Tweed
Titanium, Gold, Cherry Jubilee, Tweed

   "MAGIC EFFECTS Molten Metal" - Titanium and Gold:

MAGIC EFFECTS Molten Metal - Titanium, Gold

 Collection with very special selection of bright effects nail polishes.
   They are very bright and beautifully looking on your nails - like frozen metal dust. Their dry very very fast and their longevity is very good - many days (without peeling - notice, that some of the best nail polishes start peeling the very same or next day) till week. 
   If you want to add to them glass effect, than just cover them with a layer of Top Finish nail polish. This will make them looking astonishing under the sunlight or special evening lights.
  These colors are wearable whole year and especially during the New year celebrations.

   "nailwear pro+":

   My attention has bees caught by those two lovely presenters of this season shades - Cherry Jubilee and Tweed (I order 2-rd time):

"nailwear pro+" - Cherry Jubilee, Tweed

    Photo of the actual colors - daylight, indoor.
  The Molten Metal colors are applied on the top of the sample nail:

   Cherry Jubilee is very soft and cherry juicy color with dark tone depth like cherry juice. It's not bright, but calm and warm. Stays very beautiful on the nails.

   Tweed is very dark deep almost black-reddish color exactly for the Fall season. It's rare to find nail polish in shade close to this. It stays like dark stone jewel on the nails and looks amazingly Fall pretty.

   Both of them have glossy finish.

   Tip: wait enough time, before apply the second layer of nail polish and especially, IF you want to add top finish. They are enough glossy and pretty, so they don't need additional top glossy shine cover.


   I like and recommend these nail polishes, especially the first to for the coming celebrations at the end of the year. Titanium and Gold can be bright detail from your Christmas or New Year Eve appearance.

   If you think, that these colors may fit to you searching and to your taste - grab them. Don't hesitate.


Product image: Natalié Beauté

   Natalié Beauté

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