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31 October 2015


   Lovely winter body and soul care tandem, which will keep you warm and will take care about your feminine self estimation - ROSE & CHOCOLATE (Naturals - AVON) and LOVE POTION (EDP - Oriflame).

   ROSE & CHOCOLATE is body lotion from the NATURALS serie by AVON. It smells very yummy and the combination of chocolate makes it extremely sensual and sexy. The texture is very light and doesn't leave any oil marks, because the skin absorbs it easily. Despite it's just body lotion, not body cream - it still can be used winter time (but not very deep winter), because it contains liquid paraffin. It gives very delicious fragrance to your skin and leaves it soft and nourished.

   LOVE POTION (check the link for more info) is fantastic EDP by Oriflame, with powerful notes of rum, chocolate, coffee, vanilla etc. This fragrance is wonderfully working together with the body lotion.
   If you like these type of scents, you will like this lovely winter warming tandem!

   It will work wonderful for you!


Product image: Natalié Beauté

   Natalié Beauté

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