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30 January 2016


 The Kiss of the Dragon - romantic, mystic, extraordinary...

  Beautiful fragrance for a real Lady. Signature scent for a Woman with character, with style, with her own opinion.

  It's another significant fragrance from Cartier, which deserves your attention and respect.

Le Baiser Du Dragon Cartier
  Unfortunately, there's not enough information available about EDT version. It's known that the EDP version is created by Alberto Morillas and launched in 2003, and... the pyramid.
   I'm 90% agree to accept, that the pyramid is if not equal, at least it's similar (or very similar) to the EDP version. That's why, I made some research and I will published it here, but I will share only my own opinion, about how I feel this fragrance and how it reveals. 


Gardenia, Bitter Almond, Amaretto, 
Neroli, Orange Blossom Water


Iris, Musk, Jasmine, Cedar, Rose


Amber, Benzoin tears/Styrax Tree, Patchouli, Caramel, Vetiver, Cedar, Black Chocolate

   The EDT version is not so intense, as the EDP version.

   As I couldn't find EDP from the first years on the market, I'll talk only about the EDT version, which I'll review here - February 2010.
  The main dominant notes here, which are coming and staying with the scent from the beginning till the dry down, are Almond, Almond Liqueur, Jasmine. 
   Of course, with the different phases of the scent life, you feel the top notes - the light sharpness of Neroli, heart notes - Iris, Musk, Rose, cedar, heart notes - all these woody notes and Black Chocolate (I don't feel Caramel). The Vetiver chypre notes are giving spicy taste and magical drop in this mystic elixir. All of them are emerging together with these three main notes.

   The EDT just opens powerfully, but with the time it settles quite, calm and close to your skin. In normal temperature, it calms - let's say, your warmth and intimacy are calming down The Dragon, but when you make change of the environment (cold temperature), then you feel it reviving and emerging again, as the Almond Liqueur emerges powerfully with the Jasmine together.

    Then you feel - The Dragon is alive!

   They - the dominating notes - Almond, Almond Liqueur and Jasmine plus hint of Gardenia, are staying like LIGHT MOTIV and are are making this fragrance very closely resembling to the beautiful perfume JASMIN NOIR by BVLGARI.


   The EDT comes in transparent glass bottle, with beautiful design, 50 ml.

   In difference of the EDP, EDT has:

  • Silver letters of the fragrance name
  • Flat top of the cap (not decorated in Chinese style)
  • "EAU DE TOILETTE" is surrounded from silver background around the words on the box

The product comes wrapped and sealed with nylon

"EAU DE TOILETTE" is surrounded from silver background around the words on the box

Silver letters of the name

The bottle in front

The bottle - back side
Flat top of the cap (not decorated in Chinese style)

The bottle - profile view

The bottle under - label and batch code


  LE BAISER DU DRAGON is significant and fragrance to remember. The dragon comes, kisses you and this kiss stays with you for hours. Than, you will never be the same.

Courtesy - OLGA FOMINA

   This could be your signature scent.

  Suitable for day wear. Night wear - also. But, this is not every day fragrance. Only in special moments, events, evenings out.

   It stays close to the skin, but also emerges in arm length.

   If you like Almond and Jasmine combination, this fragrance is for you.


Product image: Natalié Beauté

   Natalié Beauté

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