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04 February 2016


   When the Paradise is somewhere in the Ocean...

 Tropical dream - this is "BORN IN PARADISE" by ESCADA!

   It's fruity, creamy with hint of Musk and Sandalwood.

   Lovely Summer fragrance. Launched in 2014.


Green Apple, Watermelon, Guava


Coconut, Pineapple


Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk

   If you spray the fragrance on blotter, it will open just as described, exactly!
   The Top notes will "hit" you with Guava, Watermelon and Just about to turn to acidic/sharp Green Apple.
   After the Coconut emerges with Pineapple and the creamy character start to appear intensively.
   And finally, the Base notes slightly emerge, too.

  The fragrance is nice, yummy, not overwhelming - of course, applied with measure.

 About the sweetness, which exists - I can compare this fragrance with another one, almost similar - "ARUBA COCONUT" by BATH & BODY WORKS.

 It was launched in 2013. Now, is discontinued, unfortunately.
   If you are familiar with this fragrance, you will understand the difference.
   It appeals mostly like Coconut with White Chocolate (Vanilla) - very intense creamy.
  If "BORN IN PARADISE" sings beautiful tropical song, "ARUBA COCONUT" recite in a loud voice. Too yummy, powerfully creamy.
   "BORN IN PARADISE" is richer in notes, than the other.
   If you apply on your clothes and hair (going through cloud, of course), you will keep it sounding together with its Top notes - whole the pyramid (this is also true, about all fragrances).
  If you apply on your skin, then it will opens in different, individual way, according to your skin chemistry.


   It comes in transparent glass bottle, in the same shape as the other fragrances from the family, in 50 ml or 100 ml, in two colors floating into each other: up - blue, down - colorless, EDT. 
   Silver color of the cap and the spray. 
 Pink flower, around the cap, with pink band with white letters "ESCADA".
   In front of the bottle is the name, back side - tropical bird.

   Bought from AYMIS online store.

The fragrance comes tightly wrapped in nylon

   Another important detail of the original product can be noticed on its box:
  • The letters are slightly relief and shiny
  • The girl is also shiny
  • The entire box is matte

The box - without nylon

The bottle - in front

The bottle - back side

The bottle's label

The original bottle's cap is colored in fuschia inside

The cap, the sign on the top of the cap and the tropical flower


   "BORN IN PARADISE" is lovely holiday and also, everyday summer scent. It perfectly fits with your beach wear, with your casual day wear, also for evenings out, clubbing, or just somewhere outside.

   I won't put any age limitation. This fragrance is for all of you, who are feeling the way, this fragrance represents.  

  Dream, love, feel the spirit of the tropical paradise with ESCADA's "BORN IN PARADISE".

   It lasts hours - 4-6 and more.

   Use with measure.
   If you are not very sure, about this fragrance's coconut note, find a possibility to test before you buy!



Product image: Natalié Beauté

   Natalié Beauté

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