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18 March 2017


DKNY Women ENERGIZING EDT by Donna Karan
   DKNY Women ENERGIZING EDT by Donna Karan, was launched 2011, as Limited edition and fresh reminiscence of DKNY WOMEN - ENERGIZING EDP, 2002 (or 1999, according to some sources).

   Fresh, optimistic, alive, sunny, cheerful - fragrance, to welcome the coming Spring, in the city.

   The modern clean and minimalistic geometrical design of the bottle - designed by Stephen Weiss, looks like pure quartz crystal, which captivates and radiates the powerful positive energy, from the Spring sun rises.

Cuarzo Puro, Cristal De Roca, Mineral
(Photo: PIXABAY)
   The uplifting the Spirit magical eau de toilette has the following pyramid:


Citrus, Vodka, Tomato Leafs, Violet Leafs


Narcissus, Lotus, Orchid


White Birch, Tulip Tree Bark

   This intense crystal scent opens with bright Citrus splash, accompanied by sterile Vodka, dominant Tomato Leafs notes and green Violet leafs. 
   When the sweetness of the citrus notes calms down (but the Citrus and Vodka are still detectable), the Tomato leafs gets accompanied by bright Narcissus, clean Lotus, not so detectable Orchid. 
    The White Birch and Tulip tree bark are coming shortly after the Heart notes. The White Birch increases the feeling of Nature and the fresh woody presents in the composition.
   This fragrance opening seems to me like domino, which levels are falling down one into another, very soon after the initial spray. 
    In brief: the pyramid opens very fast and shortly after the appliance of the scent, it already reveals itself.
   Soon, the main like becomes clear - sharp Citrusy-Vodka notes with dominant (but not intense) Tomato Leafs!

   The main difference between the EDP and EDT is, that while EDT is more Citrusy and Vodka-Tomato Leaf-Birch clean, the EDP has very dominant and intense Tomato Leaf note, which in moments, becomes too much.
   Making choice in the store, I stopped my attention to EDT version.
   I would say, that this is "cold scent". The moment, you bring the crystal bottle under your nose, you already feel the cold, coming from it, the freshness... Cold, sobering fragrance.


   The product comes in nylon sealed paper box, transparent colorless massive glass bottle with strong geometrical shape, spray, silver letters, 100ml.

DKNY Women ENERGIZING EDT by Donna Karan


   If you like pure, citrusy-green-vodka-clean woody scents, this one might be one of your choices, for the coming Spring.
   It's bright, intense, unusual, perfect everyday scent, suitable for almost every kind of place to be wear, without to bother the people around. It helps to improve your positive mood and to maintain successful day.
   Suitable for all ages.
   Lasts several hours. On the clothes - much longer.
  Spray from distance - 2-3 times are enough, because, when you go outside on clean air, it will hit you very sery strong.

   Test, before you buy!

Product image: Shutterstock
Photos: Natalié Beauté®

   Natalié Beauté®
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